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Movement towards effortless growth….



Our growth is inevitable. Wethere we choose to come out of our comfort zone or not, everything which is needed for our growth (Likable or Unlikable) will be presented to us. Non- acceptance of whatever is presented to us is just fighting against our growth & make our growth a tiresome job.

We feel misery in a situation because we do not accept or failed to see our growth through it. We just keep blaming to God/Creator to bring that unlikable situation to us & putting us there to suffer. Whom are we fighting to? We are our own creator. Every situation is just the mirror to us what we carry inside us. Denying it will never change our physical reality but will just add EFFORTS in our soul’s growth.

We see situations tough only because of not accepting our growth in it, but the reality is, we face any situation when & only our soul is ready to face it, accept it & grow through it. Acceptance is the first step to get out of misery & allow ourselves to grow effortlessly.

Lack of acceptance can make us feel helpless, miserable & victimized by the situation forever. But all we have to understand that our journey is about effortless growth through acceptance of everything & everyone that surround us.