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Life is a Mirror!


We are not on the journey of finding the right person, we are on the journey of finding ourselves. What we see in others is what we carry inside us. If we need love from others, it indicates that we first have to learn to love ourselves. Everyone around us is our mirror. All the negative & positive experiences we’ve through others are leading us to the deeper understanding of our own self. Each emotion we experience for other help us to connect deeply with our inner core. We must learn to connect with ourselves through our experiences with others. When we learn to connect with our inner core all fears and negativity starts dissolving, because our core is nothing else but “Pure Unconditional Love”, which is boundless, fearless & Limitless.


Where I belong……


Take me to the place, where I was born

Where lies my glory, where I was torn.

Living through my dreams, I have always been there

The journey towards my being, don’t know keeping me where.

I might look lost, searching thyself

Believing in my light, I am working on my self.

My existence lies there, from where I had started

Visiting my soul, I never felt departed.