Movement towards effortless growth….



Our growth is inevitable. Wethere we choose to come out of our comfort zone or not, everything which is needed for our growth (Likable or Unlikable) will be presented to us. Non- acceptance of whatever is presented to us is just fighting against our growth & make our growth a tiresome job.

We feel misery in a situation because we do not accept or failed to see our growth through it. We just keep blaming to God/Creator to bring that unlikable situation to us & putting us there to suffer. Whom are we fighting to? We are our own creator. Every situation is just the mirror to us what we carry inside us. Denying it will never change our physical reality but will just add EFFORTS in our soul’s growth.

We see situations tough only because of not accepting our growth in it, but the reality is, we face any situation when & only our soul is ready to face it, accept it & grow through it. Acceptance is the first step to get out of misery & allow ourselves to grow effortlessly.

Lack of acceptance can make us feel helpless, miserable & victimized by the situation forever. But all we have to understand that our journey is about effortless growth through acceptance of everything & everyone that surround us.


Anger: Love or Non-Acceptance?


We often hear our loved one getting angry on us and saying we are angry coz we care. We all do that – Justifying our anger with our love. But how can unconditional love carry the emotion of anger in it. Whom are we lying to?

Deep down if we observe the situation on which we got angry we will realize it actually was our frustration or helplessness coming out as anger. We feel helpless or frustrated because we fail to accept the actions or decisions of others. We feel we love them so we have a right over them. But when other person take their own decision be it right or wrong we feel we are loosing our control over them. We don’t accept everything & everyone around is as they are. We want to mould them & make them perfect. Unconditional love is far away from these emotions.

Once we will truly accept the actions of decisions & actions of others we will release ourselves from the negativity of anger & move our journey towards Unconditional love for all (Including us :))

Judging ourselves through Karma!


“Karma” in my understanding has been overrated. Till now we have been living fear based karma. That if we will do good then good will happen to us & if we’ll do bad, bad will happen to us.

But since energies of each & every one are shifting including the planetary energies we are getting more aware that  “Karma” are the lessons from which we have choose to learn & grow. The situation which seems to us as bad karma, is representing nothing but our lack of understanding about that situation, person and above all our own self through that.

We fear situation & person when we fail to look ourselves through them. When we become aware why a situation & person is effecting us in a manner unpleasant to us we also open ourselves to learn the hidden lesson behind them. This brought trust in self & universe and make our journey fearless.

So, Good & Bad karma can only be defined through our actions & response to the situation or person. At cosmic level there was, is & will be no punishment. We ourselves judge us based on our response to the situation & decide to pay back for it.

Only our awareness can lead us to resolve the karma by learning lessons hidden behind it.

Where I belong……


Take me to the place, where I was born

Where lies my glory, where I was torn.

Living through my dreams, I have always been there

The journey towards my being, don’t know keeping me where.

I might look lost, searching thyself

Believing in my light, I am working on my self.

My existence lies there, from where I had started

Visiting my soul, I never felt departed.

Being Love.


I realized never loving myself when I desired to be loved by you. In chasing to be loved by you I forgot ‘Being Love’ myself. I never connected within for love. That Love which has been me all through out my journey. The love which guided me & protected me at each step.

For me, love was always desirable but never experienced. What I saw in you was my need for love. I allowed myself to be trapped by you to connect within. But my liberation always lies in loving myself, without searching it through you.

One day when I’ll see myself in your eyes I’ll see a soul filled with love for herself. Knowing the love she is, experiencing the love she is & ‘Being the Love’ she is.

My Creation!


I am looking around the beauty of my creation. They are all my thoughts making my life. I have created them, I am living them. They are my experiences coming from within. They gave me power, Power to create & power to change. They give me power to adapt the change. The change I made, made myself for my experiences. They are growing me & I am growing them. Let them flow, let them build. They are carrying me towards the journey within.

Being a spritiual healer I understand the power of my thoughts & how they shape me up…jotting them down is easy for me to understand myself more. Writing my thoughts take me towards self-accpetance….so here I am seeing my karma through my thoughts :)