Bio: My Journey towards spirituality started when everything else in my life, be it personal or professional, came to a halt. I am an entrepreneur and have been successfully running a play school for the last 4 years. But suddenly, I started losing control over things. My relationships and business, both, were falling apart. Also, my physical body chose not to cooperate with me right then. Everything was a mess. It was then that I realized that there is some deeper meaning to this turmoil and got drawn towards the concepts of “Karma” & “Past Life”. In this soul quest, I found a savior in SS. I started it with complete trust & surrender and never looked back. It’s been an empowering journey since then. Serenity Surrender (SS) has helped me to take a stand for myself, take back the control of my life in my own hands and start building it with a new perspective. It has taught me how to enjoy life as a journey by taking each event as an experience and learning and growing by imbibing it as a lesson rather than going in search for a destination. SS has given me wings and opened a whole new world for me. And with this understanding, I can say that my life will never be the same, never be miserable ever again. And now, I would like to help people by sharing my knowledge and helping them lead a more peaceful life. I will be happy to be a channel to anyone who is ready for their transformation and empowerment.

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Being a spritiual healer I understand the power of my thoughts & how they shape me up…jotting them down is easy for me to understand myself more. Writing my thoughts take me towards self-accpetance….so here I am seeing my karma through my thoughts :)

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