Anger: Love or Non-Acceptance?


We often hear our loved one getting angry on us and saying we are angry coz we care. We all do that – Justifying our anger with our love. But how can unconditional love carry the emotion of anger in it. Whom are we lying to?

Deep down if we observe the situation on which we got angry we will realize it actually was our frustration or helplessness coming out as anger. We feel helpless or frustrated because we fail to accept the actions or decisions of others. We feel we love them so we have a right over them. But when other person take their own decision be it right or wrong we feel we are loosing our control over them. We don’t accept everything & everyone around is as they are. We want to mould them & make them perfect. Unconditional love is far away from these emotions.

Once we will truly accept the actions of decisions & actions of others we will release ourselves from the negativity of anger & move our journey towards Unconditional love for all (Including us :))


4 thoughts on “Anger: Love or Non-Acceptance?”

  1. This is something we all understand n know…but when faced with such a situation we loose control over ourselves and again get into the loop of justifying.
    But thanks a lot Gunjan, for such a beautiful message..when it was much required :))

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